An ambitious plan for the next 15 years.
We believe in the agency model.
Emerald Media, the student media company at University of Oregon, is the premiere news source for students. We want to stay that way. Today, we commit to offering our clients a suite of services - through our creative agency and other businesses - that will help them reach millenials inside and outside the paper.
Start your own revolution.
We’re renewing our commitment to spread a spirit of innovation in student media across the country. It starts with kits that other student news companies can use to replicate our experiments. We’re planning the first college media convention in history centered around innovation and business.
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It's all about mobile.
There’s a brand new version of our news website on the way. We’ve watched our mobile page views climb — cresting 50% of total traffic. Mobile is central with our new site. We’re also building greater flexibility for more visual stories.
New tools from the incubator.
The Garage, our new ventures division, was home to our successful photo booth and creative agency businesses. As we move those products into our main suite, we're preparing to experiment more than ever to create new businesses to support our student journalism and new ways to tell those stories.
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Two years ago on May 23, we launched an ambitious plan to rebuild our dated college newspaper. Last year, we announced new business ventures. Today, we’re plotting the course for our long term future. We’re the student media company at University of Oregon and May 23 is our holiday.